Wreck Mania

12 most famous Red Sea wrecks in one trip… The Wreck Mania is certain to satisfy any diver interested in wreck diving. 


Rosalie Moller Wreck

Rosalie Moller is  a 108m long cargo ship built and launched in Glasgow in 1910. it sank in 1941 when it was bombed by a German air raid while transporting coal. The wreck lies in an upright position at 50m depth. The main deck is 35m deep and the mast starts at a manageable 17m.

Rosalie Moller is penetrable as there are large gaps, however this is not necessary as the most interesting parts can be seen from outside the ship.

The wreck is teeming with numerous hard and soft corals and fish life. Just a few of the marine species that can be seen are groupers, thousands of glassfish, lionfish, tunas, barracudas, jacks, trevallies and even reef sharks patrol this area.

Aida Wreck (Brother Islands)


The Aida is a 75 m ship that is on the recreational dive itinerary of local dive operators. The wreck lies with her bow up at 25 meters and her stern at 60 meters.

She sank in 1957 while it was on route to deliver personnel and supplies to the Egyptian Coast Guard station located on Big Brothers Island. Due to heavy weather and high seas the ship was slammed into rocks and sunk.

    Dunraven Wreck


    The Dunraven Wreck is one of the oldest in the Red Sea, it hit Beacon Rock Reef and  sank in March 1876 on its way back from India, however it was discovered nearly a century later in 1979!

    The 80M steamship currently lies in 2 pieces, upside down. Its deepest point is 28M at the sea bed. This wreck site is so easily accessible that the whole wreck can be explored in a single dive!

    The Dunraven is popular because of the rich and diverse reef community that resides around the area. You’ll be greeted by schools of soldierfish, cardinalfish and other while you explore the wreck, even the rare and beautiful Ghost Pipefish has been spotted!

    Other destinations in this trip…


    Kimon M, Chrisoula K, Carnatic, Giannis D, Rosalie MollerThistlegorm, Kingstone,
    Dunraven, Jolanda, Aida, Numidia, Big Brother, Salem Express, Panorama Reef,
    Ras Abu-soma.


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