South Jewels

Sailing to the southern most reefs, this diving liveaboard trip in the Red Sea departs will take you to the vast reef system of Fury Shoals and St John’s.


Rocky Island

Rocky Island is a small fossil-coral island in the middle of the Red Sea. Oval in shape, surrounded by a surface level reef, with sheer vertical walls and rugged, jagged profile; Rocky’s north coast is a fantastic dive!

The walls are covered in soft corals and huge gorgonians which float and wave with the current. A number of shark species, sailfish, dolphins and manta rays are just a few of the marine species that can be sighted around the island.

St. John Reefs


A trip to the St. John Reefs is a trip to the very edges of the Egyptian Red Sea and back. The St. John’s reefs lie near Hamata, directly south of the Peninsula (Ras) Banas, and close to the Sudanese border. Covering an area of around 290 km², the reefs offer a great diversity of diving environments.

This area is considered quite peculiar to the rest of the Red Sea, due to its location, the formation of its sea-bed is a type of underwater plain, its depths ranging between 60 to 80 meters. Numerous reefs rise from the sea bed, some of them peaking to just under sea level and some breaking the surface all together.

With wonderful walls covered in soft coral and an uninterrupted presence of fish and often pelagics, encountering numerous species such as hammerheads, silver sharks, Longimanus and large mantas is a daily occurance in this area. Not to forget finding large specimens of the ambigious Rhinoceros fish is not uncommon in these waters.

Fury Shoals


Fury Shoals is a group of about 20 reefs 30km long south of Marsa Alam.

This area can only be reached by liveaboard. The best thing about Fury Shoals, other than the pristine coral formations and abundant marine life, is that there are a variety of sites that will suit everyone’s interest; fringing reefs, walls, lagoons, drop-offs, or wrecks.

Some of the dive sites worth visiting here are Sha’ab Claudia, Sha’ab Maksur, Sha’ab Sataya (aka Dolphin Reef), with deep walls and an inner lagoon, where a pod of spinner dolphins lives. Other sought after species in this area are Whitetip sharks, gray reef sharks, anemones, clownfish, barracudas, moray eels, huge groupers, giant trevallies, and dogtooth tuna!

Other destinations in this trip…


Kimon M, Chrisoula K, CarnaticGiannis D, Rosalie MollerThistlegorm, Kingstone,
Dunraven, Jolanda, Aida, Numidia, Big Brother, Salem Express, Panorama Reef,
Ras Abu-soma.


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