Wreck diving, Deep diving, and interacting with Sharks are just a few of the amazing experiences you will have on this trip!


Salem Express Wreck

The Salem Express is a fascinating wreck to explore. The 100m ferry sank in 1991 with passengers and vehicles on it. The restaurant, upper decks, corridors, and bridges can still be explored. Personal belongings of the passengers, such as rolls of carpet, stereos, bicycles, chairs and even clothes can be found lying around the ship and in cabins.

Salem express is accessible to divers of all levels as its top falls at only 10M deep.

Giftun Island


Giftun Island in Giftun National Park is considered to be  one of best drift diving spots in Hurghada! This place is famous for its strong currents, and a wide array of marine species can be found around the island such large pelagic fish.

The plateaus are rich in soft corals which attract Turtles. Barracudas, Crocodile Fish, Stone and Scorpion Fish, Stingrays and huge Moray Eels, large Brain Corals, schools of Goat Fish and Fusiliers around them. There is a big chance for meeting with a huge and friendly Napoleon that interacts with divers from time to time!

Panorama Reefs



Panorama reefs is one of the true highlights of Safaga! It is the most northerly site in the off-shore reef chain. This huge seamount rising up to just below the surface from a depth of 400+m offers exhilarating diving for all experience levels.

There are two main dive sites there; the South and North Plateaus. Both dive sites offer great reef walls with diverse corals and marine species habituating the area. The South Plateau is world renowned with its ever famous gorgonian chimney and anemone city. And the North Plateau is perfect for drift diving when the weather permits.

Large schools of fusiliers, unicorn surgeon fish, tunas and passing turtles can be enjoyed while you are being carried by the normally strong northerly current. Encounters with dolphins are common place in this area.

Other destinations in this trip…


Gota Abu Ramada, Rash Disha, Abu Hashish, Panorama Reef, Shaab Sheer, Salem Express, Abu Kafan,
Middle Reef/Tobia Arbaa, Rash Abu Soma, Abu Ramada Island, Small Giftun, Erg Abu Ramada,
Abu Ramada Island, Shaab Dorfa, Shaab Sabena, Erug Giftun.


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