Diving Center

Shore Diving

Our center offers you a range of activities, starting with shore at our house reef located a few meters off our beach. Our house reef boasts great corals and a diverse variety

Night Diving

For our more adventurous, you can enjoy great night at our house reef and surrounding sites; witness the nocturnal world as different marine species

Daily Diving Trips

If that isn’t enough for you we also have t designed to accommodate all your needs during the daily diving trip. The boats travel to more than 30 dive sites in the Hurghada area, so you will testnever repeat the same dive site twice! Our daily diving boat trips begin at 9 am and return between 3-4 pm. During the trip we will take you to two sites and we prepare lunch for you fresh  the dives as well as all day soft and hot drinks on the boat.

Zodiacs and Speedboat

We also have a zodiac and a speed boat at  a great option to explore the dive sites that are too far to swim to but not far enough to require a boat to get there.

The zodiac is great for quick trips to closer dive sites to the beach, thteste speed boat has the capacity to carry 6 divers in addition to your guide and is great for longer distances. Both trips last around 20 mins fromm the beach the dive sites, and depending on the distance, you can swim back to the shore or the boat will wait for you to pick you up a.


The beauty of the Red Sea is that you can experience the wonder of its underwater world as soon as you immerse yourself in the water. In oof the dive sites we visit, the wide variety of corals and marine species can be seen less than a meter testunder the surface of the water. And with the usually crystal clear visibility, year round, you won’t miss out on anything!